The pacific octopus is one of our favorite creatures. Highly intelligent, they indulge in many of our favorite Sauvignon Blanc pairings from under the sea. If we had eight legs we would be hoarding all the shellfish too!

The grapes in this wine come from Boushey Vineyard, the same vineyard as Above the Flood (see notes on Above the Flood). The topographical flood line is marked with a Rosé colored line intertwining with an abstract drawing of an egg, representing the concrete vessel we natively ferment the wine in.

Stoney Vine Vineyard is in the heart of the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater, AVA. This ancient riverbed is filled with large river stones. The stones, which are responsible for trapping heat during the day and radiating it back to the vines canopy at night, are extremely unique to this growing region.

This image is inspired by a topographical map of the Missoula Flood line, marked by the bolded white line. During that time, Boushey Vineyard could have been riverfront property. Above the flood soils are ancient, more impoverished resulting in intense minerality and complexity in the wines.

Southwind Vineyard is planted on distinct soil comprised of fractured basalt. The crumbling, cracking earth deep below in the profile pit, is reminiscent of laugh lines, also known as crow’s feet. This name also plays on the French Syrah producing region in Northern Rhône, Croze-Hermitage.

Our marker during production for this Rhône-inspired everyday drinker was GPR, short for Glass Pour Rhône or Glass Pour Red. GPR – simply and clearly a red wine to have in your glass every day! The GPR is accompanied by a large version of our compass, extrapolated from the Devison crest.

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Inspired by the Vetch flower that grows wild in the vineyard, the honey Bee hangs on as the winds blow through this high altitude vineyard.

Spring 2021 release.

For us, designing our own wine labels is almost as personal and intimate of an experience as the labor that goes into making what’s in the bottle. They tell our story and more importantly, the story of the wines. We came across our designer by chance and couldn’t be more thankful to have the opportunity to work with him. More information on the artist, Ryan Williams, can be found on his site Wild Call.